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Landing Craft

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What We



Currently we own a 28′ aluminium hulled crew boat.  In her previous life she was a diving tour boat in Honduras.  Aptly named the ‘Trash Craft’, she is capable of getting us where we need to go, slowly, and can haul about 1000-lbs of debris, which takes about 1-2 days for us to gather depending on what we stumble upon in our remote waters.

Trash Capacity: 1000-lbs

Time to Fill: 1-2 Days

Top Speed: 16 knots

Crew Capacity: 5 People + Gear

Loading Capability: Shore to Dinghy to Craft (not efficient)


What We



The new vessel is a 32′ aluminium hulled landing craft capable of hauling 4500-lbs of debris from our waters, both remote and local.  We have officially secured and paid for the hull thanks to the Stanley de Vos Fund and Riptide Marine has graciously offered to install a steering console and the rigging required to get us in the water.  With your help we can pay Riptide for their work and secure the engines required to move our crews and all that dang debris.

Trash Capacity: 4500-lbs

Time to Fill: 4-5 Days

Top Speed: 40 knots

Crew Capacity: 11 People + Gear

Loading Capability: Fully Loadable From Shore

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