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Rugged Coast Research Society Team

About RCRS

The Rugged Coast Research Society is a newly formed (2017) society developed to research and restore remote coastal habitats along the BC coast. Research results are shared with stakeholders that may want to use the results to better understand the BC coast and collaboratively restore it. The Rugged Coast team is comprised of marine industry professionals, marine biologists and entrepreneurs who share a passion for marine ecology and marine recreation. Our team members have been exploring the coast for many years and have the experience required to successfully conduct research and restoration projects in remote coastal areas.

Current Projects

These are our current projects and we can write some more text here in this sub-header.

BC Coast Marine Debris Accumulation Assessment

BC Coast Marine Debris Accumulation Assessment and Mapping Project

In the summer of 2017, RCRS completed shoreline surveys between Books Peninsula and Calvert Island. The survey results determined five main accumulation locations. In the summer of 2018, RCRS conducting surveys along Hesquait Peninsula and between Nootka Island and South Books Peninsula. In 2019, RCRS completed shoreline surveys between Port Hardy and Cape Scott.


BC Coast Marine Debris Removal Project

Development of a long term plastic removal strategy for priority areas. The Rugged Coast Research Society will partner with other non-government organizations and Indigenous groups to implement plastic removal projects where and when necessary.

Next Fundraiser

RCRS, Modo Yoga and Longwood Brewery will be hosting a Party for the Ocean here in Nanaimo on February 1st, 2020. The fundraiser will include a three band concert, auction, raffle and door prizes. All proceeds will support the restoration of our coast and marine ecosystem. The quantity of plastic that we can remove is directly proportional to the funds we can raise.


Party For The Ocean Fundraiser

7:00PM - 12
Beban Park Auditorium
“Protect what you love”
– Jacques Cousteau

Upcoming Cleanups

Join us at our beach clean-ups and help us remove plastic from the beaches!

Nanaimo BC Coastal Clean Up

Nanaimo and Lantzille Area

A little bit of information about this cleanup including the exact location and meet up time perhaps.  Any suggestions for content here are welcome.

South Brooks Penninsula Clean Up

South Brooks Peninsula Clean-up

RCRS, BC Marine Trails and Seize Change started clean-up of South Brookes Peninsula in the summer of 2019 and collected 25 super sacs (8m3 per sac) over a 7 day period. This was only a start; additional cleaning is required in 2020 to remove the remaining debris.

Ocean Cleanup Volunteer

Get Involved!

Become a RCRS Volunteer! We will keep you up to date on upcoming fundraisers you can volunteer at as well as clean-up events! Sign up below and we’ll notify you as soon as an opportunity arises.

If you are interested in becoming an RCRS Member and participating in understanding human-kind’s impact on BC’s west coast and restoring and protecting it, please contact us directly at